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Waiting for snow
Thursday, 11 December 2008
Ski-centre „Igrišta“ is waiting for snow.
In the past period the workers of Shareholder Society „Igrišta“ were working on improving the area and objects situated at ski-center „ Igrišta“. Ski lifts are revitalized and refreshed, focusing especially on the safety of skiers, ski laps have been cleaned and arranged, placing the safety nets and other signal equipment needed, have been planned in the last phase. The work on „ Javor field“ is successfully finished, and the rest of it is planned to be finished very soon.
After too many rainfalls, and when the snow blanket, on some parts of „ Javor field“ was over one metre high, situation wasdifferent. On the very „ Javor field “, the snow height today is almost optimal, and it enables skiing, having in mind that the weather conditions are not suitable for skiers. If there is no further snowfalls, it won’t be possible for the ski-centre to start working.
It has been planned for the period of 5th to 7th December, but the lack of snow was the problem.
In cooperation with the management of Shareholder Society „ Igrišta“, we will do the best we can to give all the relevant information, using our Internet site so that all of them could be accessible to the visitors who are interested in, as well as to inform them about weather conditions and situation at the ski-centre „ Igrišta “.
Wolf chase
Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Inside the organisation of hunter society „ Birač “ from Vlasenica, the wolf chase will be held in Saturday, the 13th of December.

The hunters will gather in the bus station of Vlasenica at 6:30 a.m. The ambush will be placed at 8 o‘clock in the morning, and the chase will begin at 8:30 a.m.

The presence of the great number of hunters from the area of Birač, Romanija, Semberija and Doboj is expected.

The 23rd International Fair of Winter sports "EXPO-ZIM"
Wednesday, 10 December 2008
The 23rd International Fair of Winter sports, tourism and recreation „EXPO-ZIM“, was held in Belgrade, from 4th to 7th December. The manifestacion was held in the halls of Belgrade Fair, number 1 and 5. Exibitors in the area of new and used sport gear and  fitness equipment, took part in the fair, and the promotion of extreme sports and ski service, are held as well, and ski centres from Serbia and abroad are presented too.
This year fair was opened by Bojan Križaj, who is one more eminent and world-wide recognized name, participated as the guest of the fair, right after Ingermar Stenmark (2006.) and Alberto Tomba (2007.) 
The first snow in Vlasenica
Monday, 24 November 2008

The first snow in Vlasenica appeared on the 21st of  November. We hope that this is a good sign for the following winter season in „ Igrišta “.

The height of snow blanket in the area of  „ Javor field “ was 43 centimetres on the 22nd November, 2008, and snow at the starting point of the big ski lift was 25 centimetres.

The preparation for the following season goes by plan. The firm that manages the ski-centre, Shareholder Society  „ Igrišta “, readily welcomes the first snow. We are proud that the snow blannet here is higher than in Jahorina.

The photos of Vlasenica with snow, can been seen in the site gallery .

Zvornički „Dani poljoprivrede i turizma 2008”
Friday, 14 November 2008
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 5. novembra 2008 godine u Zvorniku je održanana manifestacija „Dani poljoprivrede i turizma 2008”. Turistička organizacija opštine Vlasenica je predstavila  turističku ponudu Vlasenice i tako uzela učešće u ovoj manifestaciji za koju se organizatori, Turistička organizacija opštine Zvornik, nadaju da će postati tradicionalna.

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