Turistička organizacija opštine Vlasenica - International mountain car-race ''Vlasenica''
Turisticka organizacija Vlasenice

Opština Vlasenica

International mountain car-race ''Vlasenica''
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
July( Saturday to Sunday) - Auto-moto sport in Vlasenica is the tradition which dates from the 60's in the last century, when there was a  moto-race in which a great number of contestants from the whole former country participated. The international car-race ''Vlasenica''  has been traditionally  held in Vlasenica since 1990. The trail, which is on the main road between Vlasenica and Han Pijesak, is 7.100 metres long . It has been scored for the championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for an opened championship of Republic of Srpska. It is organized by Automobile  Association Vlasenica, Automobile Association  of  Republic of Srpska, and in protection of Vlasenica municipality