Turistička organizacija opštine Vlasenica - Mountain hike from Vlasenica to Pjenovac
Turisticka organizacija Vlasenice

Opština Vlasenica

Mountain hike from Vlasenica to Pjenovac
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Traditional event that is being held since the seventy’s in the last century. Mountain-ecological society “ACER” Vlasenica, with the support of Tourist organization of municipality of Vlasenica. The length of the path is fifteen kilometres, it passes through the most beautiful parts of Javor mountain, and it is suitable for all generations of the mountaineers. In recent years this event has become very popular in its own category in BiH. This event is held in the first weekend of february. It starts on Saturday by welcoming other mountaineers from different adjacent cities and states. “Mountaineers evening” is organized in the evening hours with proper entertainment programme. The event is scheduled on Sunday, it closes down with joined lunch and assigning diplomas at the afternoon. The event is of international character.