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Tuesday, 09 September 2008

The recreative- fishing association '' Lipljen'' from Vlasenica is founded in Vlasenica, in 1996. 

In keeping with its possibilities, the association has established an order on waters -  stocked rivers with fish and increased the fish stock. It also actively participates in the work of  the Fishing Association of Republic of Srpska, as well as in every recreative-fishing manifestation.


 Rivers in the area of Vlasenica municipality:

The Tišča river

- average width: 6m

- average depth: 0,5 m

- course lenght: 10,5 km

-fish : brown trout, huchen


The Drinjača river

- average width:12m

- average depth: 1 m

- course lenght: 7,5km

- fish: brown trout, chub, rudd, barbel,



The Jadar river

- average width:5m

- average depth: 0,4 m

- course lenght: 3km

- fish: brown trout, huchen


According to hydro-biological significance, the Tišča river, the Drinjača river and the Studeni (Cold ) Jadar river are very favorable for recreative fishing and for increasing of the fish stock.

The streams of the Jezero, the Taban han, the Dragaševac and the Grabovica represent favorable waters for recreative fishing, and they are also significant as natural spawning place of the brown trout.

All of the mantioned streams are clearly mountainous, very fast, rich in oxygen and clean, which represent the ideal conditions for the fish that live there.



The recreative- fishing association '' Lipljen''                                   

www.lipljen.com            +387 65 717 606 (secretary of the association)