Turistička organizacija opštine Vlasenica - Hunting
Turisticka organizacija Vlasenice

Opština Vlasenica

Tuesday, 09 September 2008

Hunters' association '' Birač'' from Vlasenica dates from 1924, and it was the first hunters' association in the region. These days, on the basis of  the permission of use  contract which is issued by the Hunters' Associaton of Republic of Srpska,  the hunters' association from Vlasenica manages the hunting area '' Birač'' . The basic activities of the association are raising, protecting and using of the game, including the appropriate favors such are researching and experimental development of bio-technical science.

On each side of the hunting area there are  mountains which make a watershed between the Drinjača river and other adjacent rivers. The relief  of the area is very expressive, with noticeable valleys and mountain crests.


 The total amount of hunting area is 21.204 ha.

The unprotected game species are: wolf, badger, polecat,hooded crow and magpie.




Contact: +387 65 808 600 ( secretary of the association)